If you like warframe-builder.com and would like to support me, give me a hand or return the favor for the five years I worked on this app (not sure it's a good way to say it, I've always been bad for asking help), please consider trying my kinetic novel, available on Steam. I have a severe lack of visibility right now and need help to get things started. This project is more than important to me, it's years of work. Thanks for your help.
My kinetic novel, Esper - Make You Live Again, is now available on Steam.If you have a Steam account and want to help me a little, go to the Steam page and click on the most relevant tags for the game (like visual novel, story rich, etc), it'll help for the visibility on others products page. This is very important to me and will determine what my future will be made of. Thanks in advance for your support and for your help. Original story

It is highly recommended that you at least read the short version of the story, it takes only one minute, especially if you are interested in the future of Warframe Builder and/or want to support me and don't want to be surprised by what could happen. Note that the short version if very very short and is not representative of a lot of things, it's just a tl;dr.

The short version:

I've now almost reached the point where I'll have to face decisions for my professional future, it's a matter of weeks/few months. Warframe Builder will be affected by this, either in a positive or negative way, depending on the success of the project I made all-in on, a kinetic novel. A failure would mean that I have to change job, and thus I don't know what would happen with Warframe Builder because, in that case, I'll definitely have to focus on me a lot more. A success would allow me to continue to work like I work currently and dedicate time to slowly pass the hand to a team of developpers I want to create to continue to work on a new version of Warframe Builder and improve it. If you ever wanted to support me or Warframe Builder, if the later sounds better to you, now is the time. You can do it by following/whislisting/sharing/buying (when available) my novel on Steam.

The Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/668960/Esper__Make_You_Live_Again/
The website: http://esper-thegame.com/

Thanks for reading, thanks for your help.

The long version:

It's not a secret, but maybe some of you will only discover this now, that I've been working on a kinetic novel for the past years. It was an announce on Warframe Builder for a time, before more important matters related directly to Warframe Builder took its place, but it was still on the rails. And the good news, at least for me, is that I can see the end of the tunnel, it's almost done. Working on this was a fantastic adventure, I've had stress, doubts, but also and above all, fun, satisfaction, and I met a lot of fantastic people. I'm really satisfied with the product that'll awake from my work and the work of those who helped me in this adventure, considering the means that were at my disposal, and I'm really excited to be close to the release. But this adventure costed me a lot of time and resources, more than I could even dedicate to it. I don't really like to talk about me, but this time it's a bit necessary. In a few words, if my novel doesn't meet my expectations, I'll have to take serious decisions about my future, and this will probably include changing job. It costed me too much on too many aspects to have a second chance.

Warframe Builder is not directly affected by this, but could be a collateral damage, or a collateral beneficiary, let's pray for the later. Should my project be a failure, I don't know if I could have time to dedicate to Warframe Builder again to keep it up to date, and in its current state, it's more or less not possible to just pass the files to someone else to continue my work, it's a terrible mess, it's way better to start over, which is a LOT of work. I would obviously give all the possible resources to the person(s) who would take my place if I would have to give up, but that would be terribly hard for them to continue from my work and I'm not sure I would have the time to give and explain everything I want. I've always been 100% honest about Warframe Builder, and that's not gonna change today. This is not a threat of abandonment because I've had 500 reasons to stop over the 5 years I've worked on this and I'm still here. It's not blackmailing either, because I'll properly ask for your support. No, that's, as usual, the truth of the situation, because sometimes I have to think about me too.

On the other hand, if my novel works good enough for me to continue working like I do now (understand, be my own boss), I would like to dedicate time to create a little team of volunteer developpers (who also are Warframe players if possible) whose job would be to work on a V3 for Warframe Builder, the definite version with a better follow-up and more features, especially the missing things that were a problem to implement because the code was too old, like set bonuses, zaws or even arcanes. In other words, slowly pass the hand to a group of persons who will definitely work better and faster than just me as an individual. Of course, I will never throw Warframe Builder to the first guy who ask, these devs will have to work following my vision of Warframe Builder at first, so that you'll still have the tool you currently use, before being able to improve it to something bigger and partially open-source. But this takes time, a lot of time, especially for me who will be at the base of this idea.

I think this covers what could happen in the next months. I really hope that everything will go fine and that I'll be able to complete my final plans for Warframe Builder. It's 5 years of my life, so no need to say that Warframe Builder is part of my everyday, it's even a part of me. It allowed me to learn a lot of things, meet nice people who helped me or encouraged me, that is also why I put so many effors in my novel, I don't want to let Warframe Builder down. It was not always easy, and you need to understand how emotionally attached to Warframe Builder I can be after 5 years and everything that happened. But I have to think about me too, and soon will be the time.

Over the years, I received a lot of messages from people who wanted to support me, often with money, but I declined everything. I don't feel very comfortable with money coming from donations or Patreon, and I justified myself by explaining that a better way to support my work would come one day. And this day has come. You can now support me, or Warframe Builder if that sounds better to you, by supporting my novel. And you even get something in return if you go all the way to the supporting process, so that's definitely the solution I like the most. First, let me ask this in a proper way first.

If you ever wanted, for whatever reason, to support me or Warframe Builder, please consider doing it now and maybe one more time in the near future too by supporting my novel. I really need your help in this very important step in my professional life.

Now that this is done, here's what you can do to help me. Everything you'll do will help, do not underestimate even a little help. Obviously, in the end, what will decide will be money, I have to live, but there are different ways to help me and each little thing you can do to contribute will be really appreciated.

  • Share the Steam page and the website of the novel with your family and friends, on social networks for example (and ask them to do so).
  • Follow and wishlist my novel on Steam.
  • Be a latish beta tester for the English version (it means you HAVE to provide feedback on the translation and have 6 to 8 hours free at minimum, but also that you'll be able to read it for free, limited quantities, you'll be credited if you provide decent feedback, Steam key).
  • Once it's released, buy it for you and even for your friends if you want to help me a little bit more (and in the more important way, let's be honest), and repeat the sharing thing (FYI, the retail price will be 7.99$ for an average of 5,5 hours of story/reading for a normal reader, soundtrack included)
The Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/668960/Esper__Make_You_Live_Again/
The website: http://esper-thegame.com/

Obviously, while working on the release of my novel, I'll do my best to keep Warframe Builder updated as I always did. It could take a little longer than usual for the fixes to come, you can now understand why I'm busy (and stressed), but I should be able to keep the pace for the updates.

Thanks for reading, thanks for your help.