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Show/hide the help for the builders
This is the name of the item you are working on.
This is the level of the item you are working on. You can edit this value.
Click the Orokin reactor/catalyst icon to add or remove a Orokin reactor or catalyst. Click the forma icon to enter "forma mode" and then click a mod slot to change its polarity.
Use these links to save or reset your build or search other builds. You won't lose the current build.
Select another item to transfer the current build to the selected item, in a new window. Tick the box if you want to keep the polarities.
Use these tools to sort or filter the mods. You can also set all mods in the list to their maximum or minimum rank. This won't affect equipped mods.
The bar on the left show the unused points and the total of points. On the right, click the 'Details' link to see a detailed report of the damage for a weapon or a detailed report of the skills for a Warframe or a Sentinel. For a Warframe, if you see a 'Helmet' link, click it to change the helmet. For a weapon, if you see a 'Charged' link, click it to see the charged stats.
Scroll the mods using the scrollbar or the mouse wheel.
Drag and drop the mods to a free slot to equip the mod.
Double-click on a mod to remove it.
Move the mouse over a mod to see the text and the controls for the rank. Use the ? and ? arrows to set the mod to its maximum or minimum rank, and the +/- buttons to add or remove a rank.
These stats are for weapons only and include the effects of all equipped mods. The damage displayed are the average damage for a shot (click), including the multiple bullets for the burst weapons, like the Burston. If you have more than 1 bullet or pellet per shot, the status will change to status probability and represent the chance to have at least 1 bullet or pellet doing a status effect. Values with dotted border can be edited, and the rate of fire can be reseted to its original value by clicking the little arrow icon. Untick a box when you see one to remove the effect from the calculation. The total damage is the average total damage for a shot, the burst DPS is the DPS if you don't need to reload (total damage * rate of fire), and the sustained DPS includes the magazine size and the reload time.
Click the build name to show the description.
Number of formas.
Show/hide the help for the weapon comparator
Use these tools to filter the weapons you want to compare. You can filter the weapons by name or type, and sort them in a lot of different ways. Use the refresh button to refresh the sort if you changed the mods, in example. You can also show only the selected weapons (weapons with the checkbox ticked), unselected all the weapons, and hide the mods to see more weapons on your screen. You can remove or reset the mods for all the weapons, but these actions take a few second. 'See mods damage' is stored in a cookie for the next uses and can save you load times, it disable the damage calculation for the next rank of the mods. 'Disable damage popup' is also stored in a cookie and it removed the popup window when you move the mouve over the damage report.
From left to right : Export function, to export to the builder with auto formas, reset mods and clear mods.
Tick this box to mark the weapon as selected.
Add or remove ranks to the mods using the +/- buttons, or toggle from maximum to minimum rank using the middle button.
Click the eye icon to show/hide the mods, and the arrows icon to toggle the damage for the next rank of the mods from burst DPS to sustained DPS.
Click the arrows icons to toggle from the current stats to the base stats or from burst DPS to sustained DPS.
Move the mouse over each value to see a detailed damage report.
The detailed damage for a shot. Combined elements are expanded to single elements.
Creates all the possible combined elements for you.
The global burst and sustained DPS values and these average values against each faction. Color will change if you use one of these values as the sort value.
Red mods are equipped.