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MitoFrame Mirage (Total Eclipse)mitokens30200.8382017-12-13
MitoFrame Mirage (Malevolence)mitokens30200.4632017-12-13
MESA ENDGAME (3.75 PEACEMAKER + 42,13SEC SHIELD 100% STRENGTH)Trippzad30502.2122017-12-13
Nikana Prime - Test and you will love it - [0 Forma]waldecktk30-01.2502017-12-13
MitoGear Astilla (Status & Reload)mitokens30200.1752017-12-13
[U22] Immortal NikanaMMStatic30110.5502017-12-13
[U22] Immortal Ash [End Game Viable 2 Forma]MMStatic30211.1002017-12-13
Who needs Akbolto Prime when you can have this?AwesomeName30201.0002017-12-13
Simple rubico buid [read desc]LaZzY30700.2382017-12-13
Notag - Eidolon Hunter/Runner (READ DESC)Notag30300.6252017-12-13
Notag #2 - Ivara Stealth Farm BuildNotag30400.8002017-12-13
Notag #1 - Ivara Artemis BuildNotag30400.6502017-12-13
Loki with Augur Message (141-166% Duration) (Read desc.)kroit9230200.7382017-12-13
Mesa Test #1YaBoiBailbo30300.4252017-12-13
[Zarr] The Armor Breaker [5 Forma]Tokarinshikato30501.0502017-12-13
Ash Prime Smoke Screen Stealth [22.4 seconds] Build NO FORMAGeorgeNoX30-01.3002017-12-13
Tank Nekros Prime Team Desecrate + Insta-Team Reviver buildIG_Stuf30201.9252017-12-13
Euphona down rodeo as a shotgunifthenelse30100.1882017-12-12
MitoFrame Gara (4 Forma)mitokens30401.1192017-12-12
Oberon BratonTinraven30300.7252017-12-12